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With Joomla the limit only stops with your imagination. Joomla allows you to build professional, dynamic and database driven websites. Did you know that that these websites run on Joomla?

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Joomla web hosting

Joomla is a very popular content management system (CMS) – essentially, an application that makes it incredibly easy to build a website from scratch. 

Why is it easy? Because it contains almost everything you would need for an informational website – right out of the box:

  • It’s open source – which means it’s free to acquire
  • It’s easy to use – there’s no programming involved to create a website
  • It’s search-engine friendly – which means Joomla will make it easy for search engines to find and catalogue your website
  • It’s powerful – you can build a simple website but you can also build a serious website – all using the same Joomla tool.
  • Joomla hosting by ZoomAfrique is secure, reliable and robust – all the things you require for a serious website
  • Joomla hosting by ZoomAfrique is scalable – meaning it can handle a few visitors a second to thousands of visitors per hour – and be fast and responsive
  • It’s mobile friendly – you get a similar experience on your smartphone or tablet as you get on your desktop
  • And there are dozens more reasons why Joomla rocks!

ZoomAfrique loves Joomla! And we not only HOST Joomla, but we SUPPORT Joomla. We live and breathe Joomla – from installation, to configuration, to customizing templates, to making it sing… Well, almost… To put it mildly, we make Joomla happy!

So whether you’re looking for webhosting to build a website for

  • a government ministry in Yaounde, Abuja, Accra, Monrovia, Nairobi or Niamey or
  • a bank, cooperative or other financial institution in Cotonou, Lome, Abidjan, Douala, Luanda, Lagos or
  • a travel agency that caters to the African, Asian, European – or American market for that matter or
  • a privately-held company in Dakar, Yamoussoukro, Mombassa, Johannesburg, Durban or some other city in Africa

ZoomAfrique is your partner on the ground. We guarantee our Joomla hosting services and we strive to make our customers happy.

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    • Customize the template to suit your taste.
    • Publish your site for all to see.
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    Ayiyu Fontem – IT Specialist

    I am extremely happy with ZoomOps design work for our website. You guys created a clean, attractive and eye catching website to showcase our products. - Read more...

    Paul – CEO D&D Technology