Google Search

You have a website – but are your customers finding YOU or are they finding your competition?

Having a website is great. But having a website that only you know about is not very helpful to your business. The goal of having a website is to increase your sales by attracting visitors that you can convert into customers – using Internet Search engines like Google and Bing.

Achieving this goal is possible with almost any business of any size. And while SEO is a complex, evolving art and science, you as a business owner should recognize that without an organized SEO strategy in place, you will fade off the map, lose sales to competitors and bleed the value of your brand over time. So whether you’re a travel agency in Douala, Cameroon, a government ministry in Yaoundé, Cameroun, an advertising company in Accra, Ghana, an insurance company in Abuja, Nigeria, a bank in Lagos, Nigeria, a start-up firm in Nairobi, Kenya – we can help your customers find your website when they look for you online. Our experts understand not only SEO, but also Africa, because we know there’s a lot to be understood about Africa.

ZoomAfrique can change all this for your business. ZoomAfrique knows SEO. As proof, we invite you to search for the keywords “Cameroon outsourcing” or “Cameroon BPO”. You should see ZoomOps show up on Page 1. ZoomAfrique is a ZoomOps company. Because of this, many customers have found and called us (ZoomOps) to help them.